Welcome to KennelPro Modular Dog Kennels™. We are a manufacturer of pre-assembled modular chain link dog kennels, pet fencing, puppy pens, and dog kennel shade. Our patent pending  spiral bound kennel with single tube frame construction produces one of the strongest dog kennel panels available. We also manufacture shade and rain canopies for several different configurations of our dog kennels that provide comfort and protection for your pet. Make your dog a lucky dog and give him a kennel from KennelPro Modular Dog Kennels.

Safe and Secure Pet  Containment

Chain Link is the most widely used and economical fencing material made. It is used by more veterinarians, animal rescues, boarding kennels, Police K-9 units, and home owners than all other fencing material combined. Our 6 foot high modular dog kennel system contains your larger dogs and provides your pet with secure containment on your property while keeping them safe from other animals that may enter your property.

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Our 5 foot high modular dog kennel is perfect for your residential area. The five foot height provides much easier access through the gate than 4 foot high while containing the majority of dog breeds. Panels are 6 feet wide by 5 feet high and can be arranged in many different configurations. 6W x 6L and 6W x  12L are the most popular. We also have a shade and rain canopy for these configurations.

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Kennel runs, multiple kennel runs, and multiple gate kennels are no problem for our modular kennel system giving  you  flexibility when designing the perfect kennel for your pets. Whether you are a boarding kennel or just a homeowner with a unique space, you can build what you need quickly and easily with KennelPro Modular Dog Kennels™.

Large puppies that can topple a regular puppy pen or exercise pen will be safely contained in this 4W x 4L x 3H chain link Puppy Kennel. This kennel has rubber feet on the bottom so it can be used outside or inside. Drop rod access and construction makes assembly or disassembly  a snap and also allows for easy expansion.

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Kennel Canopies

Our kennel Shade and Rain Canopies provide comfort and protection for your pet. Canopies attach directly to the kennel and setup is easy. We have Shade and Rain canopies for several of our kennel configurations  and  our canopies will fit other brand kennels of the dimensions using 1 3/8  inch tubing.


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